Being a professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a quite exciting job as I can share the wonders of how hardware and software dance together. 

Currently, I teach the following subjects:

  • Computer Architecture,
  • Computer Graphics and Augmented Reality, and
  • Interactive Systems and Robotics.

In the past, I also lectured, and occasionally still participate in, courses such as:

  • Computer programming and data structures
  • Microprocessors (and assembly programming)
  • Digital circuit design
  • Operating systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Realtime systems
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer graphics and augmented reality
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Interactive Systems and Robotics
  • Computer vision
  • Computer graphics and three-dimensional modeling (PhD)


I have prepared a number of support materials that I did not yet take the step to edit as books but that I make available to my students. Apart from slides, the book-like organized ones are:

  • Computer Vision from theory to practice - A Laboratory Manual
  • Arquitectura de Computadores - Suporte às aulas laboratoriais
  • Computer Graphics & Augmented Reality from theory to practice - A Laboratory Manual




Here you can find what (some) students think about me.